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Young Maleficent Costume

The Disney Maleficent movie wowed movie goers when it was released this year.  I myself have not made it to the movies to see it but I cannot wait to curl up on the coach when it comes out on DVD.  I am sure that the Young Maleficent Costume will be the choice for many this year. My daughter’s friend is one of those who will be wearing this costume, the only thing is, she wants to be the Young Maleficent from the movie, and this costume is not easily available and if you can find it, it is quite costly.   So, I was asked if I could help make the costume!  I can never turn down a chance to create something!!! She found a brown dress that can he used and altered as young Maleficent dress from another friend closet.  Now, she needed the wings and the horns that the Young Maleficent wears, this is where I came in. I helped to create these…

What you need:

  • Hangers
  • Nylons
  • Brown Duct tape
  • Wire cutters
  • Headband
  • Brown Ribbon
  • Newspaper/ tissue paper
  • Brown feathers

First, we worked on making the wings.  Two hangers are required to make the wings   Untwist the hanger so the make an M-shape. Then, cut the second one to make a V-shape.  Once, you have these two shapes place them together and use pliers to twist the middle of the M to the tip of the V.  Then, twist the end on one leg of the M to one side of one of the V.  Now, you have your structure for the wings.

Young-Maleficent-Costume 1

I added duck-tape to the ends to help hold the wings together at all points we twisted.

Young-Maleficent-Costume 6

Here you will need to take your Nylons and cut them at the top of the legs.

Young-Maleficent-Costume 2

Now, take one leg of the Nylons and place it around one side of the wing.

Young-Maleficent-Costume 3

Repeat on the other side.

Young-Maleficent-Costume 4

We added more Duck tape tips to the top and bottom of the wings to create the horn like look, just like the wings in the movie.

Now, hot glue feathers to the wings and take the brown ribbon and wrap tips of the wings to give a finished look.  (We tied elastic bands to the center of the wings, so they could be worn. Sorry, I forgot to get a picture. oops)

Young-Maleficent-Costume 11

Now for the HORNS.

We started by using or scrape pieces of hanger to wrap around the head band to give support for the horns.  For extra support we hot glued them on place also.

Once, we had the support in place we wrapped it in newspaper and used duck-tape to shape the horns.

Young-Maleficent-Costume 8

Young-Maleficent-Costume 9

Young-Maleficent-Costume 10

They looked great in the brown duck-tape but, we wanted to make them a little fancier so we wrapping them in the same ribbon we used for the tips of the wings.

Young-Maleficent-Costume 12

Here is a picture of Carly modeling her YOUNG MALEFICENT COSTUME. The costume turned out great!

Young-Maleficent-Costume 13


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Maleficent collage 3




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