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Yarn Decorated Jars for Valentine Goodies

Do you ever look at a jar when you finish it?  Maybe, I am crazy, but every time we purchase a jar of something I always look at the Shape.  There are so many different shape, sizes, and textures of jars.  I get super excited when I get a jar and when the label is removed that it clear or see through, the possibilities are endless.  Every day when I would give my girls their multi-vitamin I would say how cute the plastic bottle was.  So when they finished the bottle, I quickly removed the label and was pleasantly surprised to see the bottle was clear and just as cute as I thought.  I told the girls they would be cute to decorate and give a Valentine’s to their best friends.

Here is what we came up with!

What you will need:

  • Jar
  • Scissors
  • Ribbon and/or Yarn
  • Hot glue
  • Glue
  • Card Stock

The first bottle we did was one decorated with yarn!

Decorative-yarn-covered-jars 1

The first thing we did was add glue to the bottom of the jar.

Decorative-yarn-covered-jars 2

Then, we wrapped the yarn around the jar.

Decorative-yarn-covered-jars 3

I wrapped the pink yarn around the jar about an inch high.  Then, I decided that I would add purple yarn, so I added a little more glue and started wrapping the purple yarn where I left off with the pink yarn.  I wrapped the purple yarn about a half inch high.  I then added another layer of the pink yarn about 3/4 inches high.

Decorative-yarn-covered-jars 4

Next, we used card stock that we had, that matched our yarn.  We traced the lid of the jar on the back side of the card stock. Next, we cut the circle out.

Decorative-yarn-covered-jars 5

We glued the card stock to the top of the lid.  Oh yeah, we also decided to put purple yarn around the lid, using the same process we did on the jar.

Decorative-yarn-covered-jars 6

Once we finished we put the lip on the jar and added a yarn heart to the front of the jar using glue.

Decorative-yarn-covered-jars 7

We then filled the jar with candy and plan to give it to one of the girls best friends.  We also made another decorated jar using Ribbon stop back by in Wednesday to see how its is done!

valentines jar

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