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Weekday Clothes Organizers

The school year was just about to start, waking up in the morning and getting four kids out the door before 7:30 sounded overwhelming. I decided that I need to be as organized as possible.  My first thought was to have their clothes ready and planned out for the week.  We made weekdays clothes organizers so it would be a no brainer in the morning when getting the kids dressed.  This has also helped in teaching the girls the days of the week and the order of the days.

Here’s how we did it.

First, I let the girls pick out the color card stock they wanted.  Then, we cut them into 4 x 6 inch rectangles.  Next, we cut white card stock into 3 x 5 inch rectangles.  I then had the girls write Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday on the white 3 x 5 card stock. Next, using glue stick we layered the white card stock on the colored card stock.  To make the card stock even stronger and prevent tearing I laminated them.

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Next, I used a hot glue gun to attach the clothes pin to the back of the paper.  I position the clip as closer to the top of the card stock as I could so they wouldn’t get hung up on the hangers.

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They are now ready to be attached to the hangers.

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Every Sunday after the laundry is finished the girls pick out their outfits for the week and there is no wondering what to wear on these early mornings.

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  1. Laura and Dad // September 19, 2013 at 7:16 pm // Reply

    Saw this wonderful new idea come to life and loved it! Then we always knew how creative you all are and how wonderful a Mother Jenny is and how Great a Dad Jim is! You ask him and he is always there to support all your ideas! His Parents have been so wonderful and helpful with your creative skills! The the kids love to create and will be great Mom’s just like you are and will now how to look for in a wonderful husband! We loved the fort and the easy way to start a child day without tear or confusion on school mornings! Great ideas! Can’t wait to see more! Love you Laura and Dad (Great Job Girls! Your Loving Grandparents)!

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