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Water Hose turned Basket

Every year my daughters elementary school holds a gift basket raffle at open house night.  Each class chooses a theme and donations are made accordingly.  For the last two years I have had the honors of putting the basket together.  This year was a Garden Theme.  I was really excited,  I had seen a gift basket made out of a water hose and zip ties that I wanted to make and now was the perfect chance.  I must admit that I checked pinterest to see how they were made but I could not find a how to!  So I took a chance on making the basket anyways and it turned out!!!!

Here is a how to make a Water Hose Basket.

The only thing you need is a water hose and zip ties.  I purchased a 100 ft hose.  I wanted a big basket, which turned out to be about  2 1/2 feet high and 1 1/2 foot wide.

I started by taking the end of the hose and bending it at about  10 inches and using a zip tie to hold it together against the hose.  Then, I wrapped the more hose around the 10 inches an added another zip tie.

Water-Hose-Basket 1

I continued to wrap and add zip ties until I felt the base was big enough.

Water-Hose-Basket 2 Water-Hose-Basket 3

I then cut the ends of the zip ties to make it easier to see as I started to form the sides of the basket.

Water-Hose-Basket 4

Forming the sides of the basket was fairly easy. Continue in the same method as creating the bottom, wrap and add zip ties to hold it in place but as you a wrap bring it up about half the length of the hose below it.  As you continue doing this you you will see the basket begin to form upward.  Once, you get the curve you want you can then start adding the hose on top of the wrapped hose and the basket will form upward and not out.  I did leave about 4 feet of the hose that I twisted and arched over the basket to create a handle using zip ties to hold it in place.

Water-Hose-Basket 7


Once, you have the basket finished you can cut the extras off of  the zip ties.  Be careful when cutting, as the edges can be sharp, so I would start from the bottom and work up.  ( I did learn the hard way. )

Water-Hose-Basket 5 Water-Hose-Basket 6

The finished filled basket for the Schools Open House.

Water-Hose-Basket 8

The basket turned out great and was the topic of conversation for many of the parents at the school.

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