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Vintage Themed Graduation Party

My Sister-in-law is one of the most creative party planner that I know, when my Niece graduated from High School she throw her the most amazing Vintage Themed Graduation Party.  My niece is a very creative in design, photography and music, so my sister-in-law used that as inspiration for the party theme. She used vintage items like cameras, typewriter and furniture and gave them a chic and modern feel.

I can’t even begin to describe in detail, all the unique and attention to detail in this party, so I took lots of pictures to show you!  Most of the items were found at antique marts, thrift store and garage sales in elderly communities. My brother said he felt like the Beverley Hillbillies after their day of shopping because his truck was …Stacked and piled so high!

When you walked into the house you were greeted by a sign that read “it’s your Time” which displayed the graduate’s diploma and awards that she had received during her High School year.  There was also a table with sign that read “Love Notes” made out of burlap (the photo didn’t turn out), on this table you could leave cards in a basket and leave a little note in a book for the graduate. Pins to write in the book where placed in older blue mason jars.


There were a few different food, drink and dessert stations:

Snow cones were offered in one area. No need for a machine.. You can buy the ice shaved and place it in a ceramic bowl and it will stay cold for quite a while.


The main food table had a great display and offered the Graduates favorite foods, napkins placed in old wooden bins, utensils in mason jars and a frame dinner menu were part of the amazing decor.


Drinks on the patio were displayed on antique vanities painted a light cream color, with mirrors hanging from the rafters.  I just loved the painted music stand displaying sheet music. This section of the party had a very feminine feel.


The dessert table had mini peach cobbler, requested by the Graduate, with a wonder display of a vintage typewriter and vintage books.


There was also a candy table, with fun vintage cameras, camera cases, old tins and bins.


Now, let’s move on to the decor…There was absolutely no details left out here.

A photo wall was placed behind the candy table with picture of the Graduate!


Sign were placed all over with words of wisdom or encouragement.  I just love how they used music records that they painted and hung for added decor.


Burlap was used throughout the party, these burlap covered lamp shade with burlap roses were a huge hit at the party.


Mason jars with candles in them were found hung around the party hanging from twine.   Several pieces of Antique furniture were placed around the party for added decor.


Another picture of the mason jar used with candles to set the ambiance.


Such an amazing party full of fabulous ideas that can be used in all types of parties and events you might be planning in the future.


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