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Valentine’s Day Garland!

Tiffany my 6 year old daughter is at it again.. She has been a busy little lady, with soccer, church classes, Girl Scouts and school that she skipped a month from posting. She now has added Softball and soon to add dance to her schedule but wanted to make sure to post this month.  She did such a great job making the garland, writing the post and she even typed it in the computer for me.  I wanted to correct her errors but since this is her first time typing it into the computer I refrained myself.


Here’s what you will need:

  • foam heart
  • straws
  • yarn
  • scissors
  • Wood skewers

Valentine's-Garland 9

First, cut the strings off.

Valentines-Garland 1

Then we poked holes in the foam heart with the skewer.

Valentines-Garland 2

Then we cut the straws.

Valentine's-Garland 3

Wrapped the yarn around the skewer and poked it through the foam hearts.

Valentine's-Garland 4

Here it is finished.

Valentine's-Garland 6

Tiffany did a wonderful job as usual.  I love the way the garland looks on the mantel with the other Valentine’s projects we made this year!

Valentine's-Garland 8

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  1. Good job tiff!

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