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Upcycled Kids Table

If you have children you know that, as hard as you try it is really hard to keep all their things looking 100%.  Sometimes, you have to give their toys, furniture or in this case tables a little face lift!  I purchased two kids folding tables with chairs about 6 years ago for my oldest daughter’s 1st birthday party.  They have been through years of parties, back yard get together and many of art session!  They are finally at the point they need a little help!


What you will need:

  • Old Table
  • Vinyl Tablecloth
  • Stable Gun
  • Stable
  • Screw Drive
  • Scissors

Here is picture of the top of the table, as you can see it has holes and marker that I could no longer get off.

Upcycled-Kids-Table 11

I used a vinyl tablecloth that I had laying around the house, I often use these tablecloths when doing crafts with the kids because they wipe off easily. This is what gave me the idea to use it to cover the table.

Upcycled-Kids-Tables 8

I started by unscrewing all of the connectors on the bottom of the table.

Upcycled-Kids-Tables 2

Unscrewing the connectors made it possible to remove the frame the table top rests on.

Upcycled-Kids-Tables 3

I used the table top as a template to cut around, assuring the proper fit.

Upcycled-Kids-Tables 5

I used scissors to cut the vinyl tablecloth about 1 inch wider than the table.  (The size may vary due to the thickness of the table, make sure you cut enough tablecloth so you can wrap around the table and staple on the underside of the table.)

Upcycled-Kids-Tables 6

When stapling the tablecloth to the bottom of the table, measure the stable to make sure you are using staples that will not go through to the top of the table. (Angling the staple gun may help a little too.)

Upcycled-Kids-Tables 7

Once you finish stapling the tablecloth, reassemble the table with the hardware and frame that you removed earlier.

Here is a finished picture of the table.

Upcycled-Kids-Tables 9

This project was so simple and easy! It took less the 30 minutes to do and the end result is amazing.

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