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Upcycled Halloween Lanterns out of Glass Jars

My daughters are always wanting to do crafts, so when I was working on making some pumpkins they asked, if they could do a craft too.  I told them to go grab some jars and we would make lanterns for Halloween. We always have a varied of jars around to do crafts and use when decorating things.

This post is written by Tiffany Hostetler (my 7 year old daughter)!

The Halloween Lanterns were made by Tiffany and her sister.

Pictures taken by Tiffany.

You will need:

  • Glass Jar
  • Spray Paint
  • Painters Tape

The first thing we did was take off the labels.

Halloween-jar 1

Then, Becca and I decided what to make the jar into. Becca cut out shapes for a pumpkin. I made a ghost.


Becca hand is small so she put the tape on the inside of the jar.

halloween-jar 2 Halloween-jar 3

My mom helped Becca spray paint the inside of her jar orange.

Halloween-jar 5

Becca was so happy with her jar.

Halloween-jar 11

Then, I spray painted the inside of my jar white.

halloween-jars 6

Halloween-jars 7

We let the jars dry.

Halloween-jars 8

Then, we removed the tape from the jars.  They are ready to place candles inside when it gets dark.

halloween-jar 9

The girls did such a good job making Upcycled Halloween Lanterns out of Jars, other than assisting them with the spray paint they were able to perform the project themselves. We used flameless candles inside the Lanterns and placed them on the window seal to be seen from outside.

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