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Upcycled Duct Tape Vases

I don’t know about you, but I always keep a few extra bottles, cans and containers around, I just never know when I need one.  Today, I ran into that problem when my daughters decided that they wanted to put roses in their rooms and I did not have enough small vases for them.  I grabbed a few old bottles from the garage and we began decorating them with duct tape. We decided on two different size and shapes of bottles. To get the bottles ready we removed the labels and washed the inside of the bottles.

Duct-Tape-Flower-Vases 1

The girls went to the duct tape drawer (Yes, I said duct tape drawer, my girls are in love with duct tape right now) and they picked out the tape they wanted to use.  The bottles had a lot of ridged on them so we used them as a guide as where to place the duct tape.  The girls decided to layer and cut the tape to different widths to add to the bottles.

Duct-Tape-Flower-Vases 3

Duct-Tape-Flower-Vases 2

Here a picture of the finished DUCT TAPE VASES!

Duct-Tape-Flower-Vases 6

The vases only took about 30 minutes to complete.  They can be personalized for any occasion, to match a room, or they are just a fun project to do while letting your creative side run wild.  So simple and creative.

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