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Under the Sea Party Food Menu

This Little Mermaid Under the Sea Party has been a fun party for me to plan.  I usually do not make food that goes with the party theme and I have to say it was a blast.  I had specific request from the birthday girl on what to serve and I was able to do all of it with an under the sea flare to them.


Here is a fun Under the Sea Menu that will be pleasing to most of those little ones out there.

  • Main Dishes:  Sebastian Sandwiches and Seashell pasta.
  • Side Dished:  Fish Food Fruit Kabobs, Whale Crackers, and Gold Fish
  • Dessert:  Clam Cookies and Little Mermaid Ariel Cake
  • Drinks: Sea Water and Mermaid Juice


Crab Sandwiches aka Sebastian Sandwiches .to see how we made these fun little eyes for these crabby sandwiches are click the link:  Crab Sandwiches … Under the Sea Party Food .

The first Sebastian Sandwich we made were peanut butter and jelly on a croissant roll with toothpick eyes.

under-the-sea-party-food 4

The second Sebastian Sandwiches were made with Turkey and Cheese on a mini croissant roll with little eye toothpicks.

under-the-sea-party-food 5

The Sebastian Sandwiches were such a big hit with all the girls at the party, below is a picture of how we displayed them at our Little Mermaid Under the Sea Party.


Seashell Pasta one of my daughters favorites food was simply shell pasta with butter and garlic salt.  Simple but yummy.

under-the-sea-party-food 8

Fish Food was offered as a side, fresh fruit made into fruit kabobs, what little one doesn’t like food on a skewer.

under-the-sea-party-food 9

Whales and Goldfish, crackers straight out of the box, can’t get any easier than that and fits the theme just perfect.

under-the-sea-party-food 7

For Dessert I didn’t want to serve to many sweets because of the cake, but my daughter really wanted these Clam Cookies, click here Clam Cookies perfect for any Under The Sea Theme Party for a step by step how to make these fun and delicious cookies.

under-the-sea-party-food 6

We are bless to have Mom (Grandma Hoss) that used to be a Cake Baker in her past career so she made a beautiful Little Mermaid Ariel Cake! Grandma Hoss really out did herself this time. The details on the cake where amazing, she even made edible chocolate seashells. Not to mention it was Yummy too!!

  Ariel-cake 3

Mermaid Juice, was a blue punch purchased at the store.  Sea Water was simply purified water in a pitcher.

Under-the-sea-party-food 21

Here is a picture of the food table display for my daughters Little Mermaid Under the Sea Party.

under-the-sea-party-food 1

This is now one of my favorite parties that I have hosted for my daughters, you really can’t go wrong with a Little Mermaid or Under the Sea Party!


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6 Comments on Under the Sea Party Food Menu

  1. These ideas are so great, I’m in charge of a fundraising dinner for our school play and so appreicate you putting all these ideas out there. Can you tell me how you stick the candy eyes on the toothpicks? Did you make them yourself or buy the eyes? Thanks.

    • simplycreativeways // August 1, 2016 at 7:38 am // Reply

      Hi Josi,
      Thank you for stopping by, I stuck the candy eyes on with a glue gun, so they are not edible. If you want them edible you could use frosting to adhere them. You can purchase the eyes at crafts stores that have cake baking supplies and I have even seen them at a few grocery stores near the frosting and cake baking stuff. Good luck on your fundraiser.

  2. Hi, this is so darlin! I am wondering where you got your serving dishes, the two larger clam shells and the flat chargers. They matched your theme perfectly!

    Great job and thanks!

    • simplycreativeways // August 27, 2016 at 1:26 pm // Reply

      Thank you for stopping by, it was a fun party theme. I purchased the chargers at Micheal’s Crafts Store and the serving dished can be purchased at Party City (check the Hawaiian section). Both of the products can be purchased on Amazon too, I think that they might be seasonal items. Hope this helps and good luck on your party.

  3. curious about your tags, did you make them yourself?

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