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Toilet Paper Roll Glitter Christmas Garland

As a Mom, I am always trying to find something fun for the kids to do that is inexpensive. Crafting with them is often a great solution.  Since, Christmas is approaching fast, I figured doing a Christmas craft would be fun.  I had a few toilet paper rolls lying around and thought we could cut them up and make a Christmas Garland.  Tiffany was so excited to begin.

The following was written and instructed by Tiffany Hostetler age 6.


What you need:

* Toilet Paper Rolls

* String

* Paint

* Glitter

* Scissors

* Card stock

* Cookie cutters for tracing

* Glue

* Glue Gun


We collected toilet paper rolls. Then, we cut triangles on the sides.

Toliet-paper-roll-garland 7-1

Toliet-paper-roll-garland 6-1


Next, we painted them.

Toliet-paper-roll-garland 4-1

Then, we added glue.

Toliet-paper-roll-Garland 3-1

Then, we added glitter.

Toliet Paper Roll Garland 2-1

Toliet Paper Roll Garland 1-1

Next, we traced cookie cutters. Then, we cut them out and added glitter glue and gems.

Toilet-paper-christmas-garland 9-1

Toliet-paper-glitter-garland 13-1

Toilet-paper-glitter-garland 12-1

Toliet-paper-glitter-garland 14-1

Then, we put a string through the toilet paper. Next, we glued our now candy pieces to the string.

Toliet-paper-roll-christmas-garland 13-1

Then, we hung the garland.  We can’t decide between the fireplace or a Christmas tree.

Toliet -paper-roll-glitter-garland 14-1  toliet-paper-roll-christmas-garland 15-1

You will have so much fun doing this fun craft.

Once again, Tiffany has done a fantastic job making and writing her blog.  This craft is easy to do for all ages.  Not to mention it didn’t cost anything to make.  Most of the supplies can be found at home.  We hope that this gives your families some ideas to make a fun garland to hang around the house for Christmas.

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