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Tips for helping your child part with old toys!

The Christmas holiday has come to an end and I have been feeling a little overwhelmed with the amount of toys my daughters received this year!  I usually ask the grandparents and family to get the girls clothes but they are at such fun ages for toys, I couldn’t  help but let everyone fill their wish lists.  Now, mommy is stressed where to place all the new toys.  So it’s time to purge some toys.


Here is a picture of the girls and some of the gifts they received and this is not all, there are more not pictures.  The girls had a GREAT CHRISTMAS. .

Purging toys 5-1

We talked to the girls and we let them know that we would take all the toys they felt they could part with to shelter for children. This gave them a reason and they were excited to make another child happy.  If you Google donate to local woman shelters, there are usually several in your community or nearby communities that can always use gently used items.

The first thing we did was pull one draw, ben, shelf or toy box out at a time.  We placed the toys in the middle of the room and we would ask the following questions:

  1.  Do you want this anymore?
  2. Have we used the toy/item in the last year or months?
  3. Is it broken or have any cracks?
  4. Did we get a new version of the one we have?

Purging toys 1-1

Next, we placed the toys in three piles.

  1. Keep
  2. Throw away
  3. Donate

We would remove the unwanted items to outside the bedroom door. We would then go through the keep pile one more time.  I know this seems a little redundant but, the girls would actually give away a few more things each time.  I think not seeing a big pile of items made it easier to give away more.

Purging Old Toys 3-1

My husband would quickly pick up the donation items and placing them in the back of his truck so the girls would not have a change of heart.

Purging Old Toys 4-1

After doing this with all the toys I was able to place the remaining items back in there original place and reorganize with the new toys.  Stop back by for a few tips on how I organized the girl’s toys.



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