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Thanksgiving Center Pieces

I love having crafty friends.  My Friend Nathalie is a self-proclaimed DIYer and has confessed to having a small addiction to Pinterest.  I think most of us crafters do. Pinterest definitely help with getting the creative juices flowing. Natalie decided to make a Thanksgiving Center Piece for her kitchen table.  The nice thing about this center piece is that it can be left out for the entire Fall/Autumn Season.

With a little creativity and a trip to Michael’s Craft Store, Nathalie was able to make her beautiful center piece for very little money.  She reused some flower vases and candles she had around the house.  She found pinecones when she was out and about with her children.  She had and old sunflower arrangement at the house that she was able to cut up and reuse them on the centerpiece. At the trip to Michael’s Craft Store she purchased some burlap and a $2.oo bag of tiny pumpkins.  So as you can see this is definitely a budget friendly project!

Nathalie, placed the candles in the vases and surrounded them with the mini pumpkins and pinecones.  Next, she tied the burlap around the base and added the flowers.  Then, she arranged them on her table.  Here are a few pictures of how her center piece turned out!

Thanksgiving-center-pieces 2-2

Thanksgiving-center-pieces 3-1

Thanksgiving-center-piece 1-1

Nathalie, Thank you for taking the time to share your fantastic center pieces with us.  I’m sure your family will be enjoying them during this holiday season.


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  1. 🙂 lol I’m cheap, what can I say!? Thank u for posting!

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