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Thank You to Sports Parents

The Spring sports season is about to come to an end, I have the perfect Thank You to Sports Parents saying that can be attached to anything to give as a thank you to Parents.  I have been a team mom for several seasons now, and I like to help the girls with acknowledging that it takes a lot of work from their parents to have them play sports. I like this gift to be a surprise for the parent, the response from the girls and the excitement when they hand it off to their parents is so gratifying. When you explain to the players on the team and read the saying it really help them understand the commitment the parents have when it comes to playing sports.

The first step is to design the tag that we will be giving to the girls moms. This particular team, I will be showing you, teams name was Black Diamonds and the colors were black and gold. So I simply used a diamond shape and outlined it in gold and typed the saying inside.  This can be tailored to any team’s logo or simply printed out as a rectangle or square and it would look great too. Once, I had the label made, I cut out the label and used a hole puncher to make a hole for the tag to hang with.  After the tags were finished, I used a piece of wire and added them to a gold beaded necklace for the moms on the team.


The Saying:

Thanks for Being My;

Manager, Team consultant, Equipment Manager,

First Aid Provider, Uniform Washing, Water Bottle Getting, Chauffeur

Personal Photographer and My #1 Fan!

Wow, that sure is a lot of hats for two or even one parent to carry!

I also added Love Your, Black Diamond (You would simply add your Team Name here or even each individual players name.)


For the Dads on the team, we I printed out a rectangular label and added them to a mini bag of sun flower seeds.  Sun flower seeds are a given the ballpark, so I thought they would be great for the Dads. We handed out Thank You to Sports Parents gifts to the parents at the last game of the season…there was not a MVP of the game instead it was the Most Valuable Parents!!!


I have been told by quite a few parents that the gesture of giving something to the parents and/or making them the MVP of the game was amazing and their girls were elated to be able to do something nice for the parents! It’s a great way to end the season!

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Sports Parent Thank You



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