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Teamwork Eagle Picture

My daughter Tiffany is in Girl Scouts and they do some pretty fun crafts when they get together. I just have to share this one particular craft!  The lesson the girls were learning was TEAMWORK.  They broke the girls up into six groups, they were shown a picture of and Eagle, then each group was assigned a part of the eagle to create. They had to work together to create there assigned part, which later would be added to one paper to create the Eagle.


Here are the steps they used to create their Eagle:

  1. Decide who will get the paper, this was a big deal because they got to choose the color of the paper too.  (Oh, I forgot to tell you these girls are 5 and 6 year olds.)
  2. Decide who will get the materials that they would be gluing to the paper.
  3. Decide who will be drawing the Eagles part they were assigned on the paper.
  4. Decide who will cut out the paper.
  5. Decide who will glue on the materials.
  6. Decide who will take the part to the Girl Scout Leader
  7. Everyone will clean up!  Teamwork!!

The interesting things about this teamwork exercise is that each groups did not know which parts or the size of the parts each others were creating.

Here is the a picture of the head created by one group.

Teamwork-Eagle 1

A picture of the body!

Teamwork-Eagle 2

Pictures of the wings created by two different groups.

Teamwork-Eagle 4

Teamwork-Eagles 6

Pictures of the talons created by two different groups.

Teamwork-Eagle 5

Teamwork-Eagles 3

The finished parts placed together on one paper to create the Eagle made by six groups!

Teamwork-Eagle 7

The group leaders, the girls, and I were so elated at how the Eagle turned out!  We all imaged it to be out of proportion, but it actually looked fantastic.

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