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Superhero City

When my daughters asked to have a Superhero Party I thought that making a city as the backdrop for the dessert table would be perfect.  So I headed out to my garage and looked for boxes and asked a few friends if they had any.  I used several different size of boxes in creating my Superhero City. I then headed of to the store for a few other items I would need to complete the city.

What you will need:

  • Boxes
  • Black Plastic Tablecloths
  • Tape
  • Light Colored Card Stock ( I choose tan)
  • Glue (E6000 is my favorite)

I thought about painting the boxes at first, but remembered how cardboard soaks up paint and I wanted to do a lot of large cardboard boxes so I decided that I would cover the boxes with black wrapping paper.  Well, I searched and couldn’t find black wrapping paper anywhere but I did find plastic black tablecloths and thought, hey those would work perfect, and the did.  Another good thing about the tablecloths is they are extremely cheap.


I just simply wrapped the boxes as if I was wrapping a present.


Start placing the boxes to get the base to your city.  (Please excuse the mess in the background of the picture, I had a lot going on at one time. Eek!)


Then cut out card stock in the shape of rectangles to represent windows and doors. I cut a few different sizes to match with the different size boxes.


I stacked boxes on top of each other to create an architectural look. You can lay the boxes horizontally or vertically to see how the boxes look best.  I used the card stock that I cut out and glued them on the boxes as windows and doors.


The Superhero City is coming together.


In this picture I took and old CD tower and and cut out a paper clock and transformed it into a cupcake holder. You can use anything to create your city so take a look around the house you might just have a few items sitting around.


Here is the finished Superhero City! I cut out a few superhero signs and added balloons with superhero on them to add a few finishing touches.


My Daughter were so excited with the Superhero City they stood in front of the table for hours and pretended to fly into the big city.


I have to say I never imaged having a superhero party for my girls, but it was a blast!

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DIY Superhero City






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