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Stepping Stool Makeover

Sometimes the little touches in a room have the biggest impact.  I recently did a bathroom décor makeover and I had two stepping stools for my daughters to use while washing hands, washing faces and brushing their teeth, which were pink that no longer matched the décor, so I did a Stepping Stool Makeover and now they fit perfectly with  my bathroom decor.

The process for making over the stepping stools was rather easy with just a few steps.

What you will need:

  • Paint (I used chalk paint)
  • Paint brush or sponge brush
  • Sandpaper (a fine grit)
  • Cleaner (to wipe down stepping stool)
  • Wax or lacquer

Step 1: Evaluate the stool.  Look to make sure all the legs are tight, use a nail or glue to fix if needed.  The stools I will be making over had embellishments on the top and sides so I had to peel these off before starting.  Just make sure everything is steady and ready to sand.

Step 2: Sanding the stepping stool.  While sanding the stool make sure to run your hand along the stool to make sure you do not feel any bumps or divots were paint might be chipped.  Sand all those areas until it feels smooth to the touch.


Step 3: Painting the stepping stool. This is the fun part, you start to see the transformation take place. Make sure when painting that your brush strokes are all in the same direction.

bathroom stool

I even had my 4 year old twin daughters help me!


Step 4: Apply the wax coat. Once the paint has dried you will want to apply a wax coat to the stools to help the paint from rubbing off or chipping.  Make sure to follow the directions on the bottle you are using, they vary by maker.  You may also want to repeat this step every few months if it highly used.


Step 5: Add to your bathroom. These two stepping stools added the finishing touches to my newly redecorated bathroom.

Stool bathroom makeover

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