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Stepping Stones

Stepping stones are a fun way to personalize a garden, whether they are store bought or homemade.  My husband and I thought it would be fun to have our daughter put her hand prints in some homemade stepping stones and give them to the Grandmothers for their gardens.  This was a fun messy project that definitely needs and adult supervision and help. We actually cheated a little and bought a kit at Micheal’s Craft Store that was on sale, but quickly found out that you could use stuff from home very easily and pretty inexpensive.

What you will need:

* Newspaper

* A mold

* Cooking Spray

* Bucket

* Stick for stirring

* Quick dry cement

* Water

* Putty knife

The first thing we did was cover the table with lots of newspapers, it can be messy.  We did ours inside the house but I would recommend doing it outside. Set up all your supplies.

Stepping Stones 1

Then, we mixed up the cement. Mixing instruction may vary according to brands so be sure to follow the instruction on the cement bag.

Stepping Stones 2 Stepping Stones 3

While my husband and daughter mixed the cement. I prepped the container we were going to use.  Spray the mold with cooking spray, this will ensure easy remove when the cement is dry. Next, pour the cement into the mold, use a putty knife to remove the excess cement and make it level.  Now, you will have to wait for the cement to set a little.  When the cement feels firm have your little one place their hands in it to make an impression.  You might need to help them to get the hand print deep enough to show up.   Add embellishments such as gems, beads, rocks, glass, etc. to give your stepping stone a unique look.

Stepping Stones 4    Stepping Stones 5 Stepping Stones 6

We chose to paint ours, making it look like a lady bug.  We used gems for the spots and added decor around the edges of your stepping stone.  We also had heart gems that we used for the ends of the antenna. Once, we finished decorating the step stone, we sprayed it with clear lacquer so the paint would not come off.

Stepping Stones 7

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  1. Debbora Dean // January 21, 2014 at 8:32 pm // Reply

    This Grandma, loves her butterfly stepping stone just unpacked it and put it in the yard. Thank you Tiff

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