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Start your St. Patrick’s Day with a visit from a Leprechaun!

Does that Leprechaun visit you on St. Patrick’s Day and cause havoc in your home?  On St. Patrick’s Day, that crazy little Leprechaun comes into our home and does lot of crazy things in our home.  My kids cannot wait to see if he is caught in the trap and if he stole the gold we left.

Here are few things that the Leprechaun might do to your home.  Be warned the kids will have a blast with this!

Everywhere that little man went he left foot prints.

Leprechaun-Visit 1

He even walked up the wall.

Leprechaun-Visit 3

As the Leprechaun made his way through the house he left gold bars (candy), footprints, gold (gold painted rocks), and green Hershey Kisses.

Leprechaun-visit 4

The milk was turned green.  Yuck!

Leprechaun-visit 5

Tiffany couldn’t believe the mess that that crazy Leprechaun had made.

Leprechaun-visit 12

Toothpaste was squirted all over the bathroom, the toothbrushes placed in strange positions, and footprints on the mirror.

Laprechuan-visit 2

Around the house pictures were askew.

Leprechaun-visit 6

The girls followed the Leprechaun footprints which lead us right to our trap. They even figured out which door the Leprechaun came in and out of.

Leprechaun-visit 7

Leprechaun-visit 8

Tiffany checking to see if the gold is still inside!

Leprechaun-visit 10

Tiffany was not Happy he took the gold and he wasn’t in our trap. Well, he did leave us candy.

Leprechaun-visit 9

I made pancakes for breakfast and due to the milk being green our pancakes turned green too!

   Leprechaun-visit 13

The kids had so much fun, following the Leprechaun footprints around the house and seeing all the havoc that was done. Hopefully,the Leprechaun makes a fun stop at your house too.


3 Comments on Start your St. Patrick’s Day with a visit from a Leprechaun!

  1. This is awesome! Mia is going crazy right now because she can’t believe what the Leprechaun did at your house!!!

  2. I love this idea! It reminds me of Elf on a Shelf! My son’s birthday is March 17 so he is obsessed with St. Patty’s Day. This would be so much fun for him! Thanks for the inspiration.

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