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St. Patrick’s Day Ideas

Happy St. Patrick’s Day, hope the holiday is bringing you lots of luck and good cheer!  I will be spending the day doing many different activities with my kiddos and our family traditions as well.  As I looked back through my site, I realized that I have shared a few fun St. Patrick’s Day Ideas and it’s not too late, you can still do some of the activities today.

Here is a look a few fun ones from the past.

St. Patrick’s Day Rainbow Cupcakes … Fun St. Patrick Day cupcakes complete with a rainbow and pot of gold..a sure hit at a party or gift for a friend.


St. Patrick’s Day Family Traditions… We always start off our day with green pancakes or milk.  Then, the day just keeps getting better from there….stop by and check out a few more fun traditions.

Leprechaun-visit 13

Start your St. Patrick’s Day with a visit from a Leprechaun! …Oh, the possibilities are endless here.  The pesky Leprechaun comes every year and mess the house up and even turns things green.


Leprechaun Traps …We have made so many Leprechaun Traps you have to stop by all the links and check them out.  My girls just get more and more creative each year! This is a fun activity to see your children’s imagination go crazy.

Leprechaun-trap 33

St. Patrick’s Day is such a fun Holiday for my family, no one in my family is 100% Irish but, we all have a little Irish heritage and my children are probably more than half, but non the less the Holiday can be celebrate by all.

I also wanted to share a trap from this year, even though I will wait till next year to publish how we created it! We recently added gold to the trail to entice the Leprechaun to the pot of gold!

Leprechuan Trap


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St. Patrick's Day Collage

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