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Spring Flowers In Full Bloom!

Spring is in full bloom and my yard is beaming with beautiful flowers everywhere.  Every day, I take a walk around the yard to see what new flower has popped up or blossomed. Mother Nature has a great way of brightening a day, by offering Spring Flowers.  If you take a moment and look around you will see some of the most spectacular pieces of art around.

I am so fortunate to have over a dozen roses in my yard.  Here are just a few of them I captured on film. Having rose bushes makes it possible to head outside to get fresh roses all Spring long.

Rose collage

I am not sure what the name of each of these flowers actually are but, I am still lucky to have them in my yard.  I will definitely have to have a quick refresher on my Floriculture! What I do know is that each and every one of these flowers is beautiful and unique in their own way.

Misc Flowers Collage

This particular flower is one of my favorite and it is not just grown as a plant but as a tree too.  My wedding flowers were Orchids and I never knew they had an Orchid Tree! Truly amazing, I would have to say.  This tree was trimmed last year so the blooms are not a full as it usually gets but the beauty of it is still breath taking to me.

Orchid Tree Collage

I don’t know about you but I love flowers.  I love to have them all over the yard, seeing them around town and even in my home.  There is something about the beauty of them and the smell that can make a bad day turn good or put a smile on my face.

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