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Sport Baskets

When I got nominated to be Team Mom for my daughters softball team I did not realize all the responsibilities that really came along with it.  My main duty is to keep everything organized for the team.  I also found out that I needed to keep the girls in the dugout, organized and ready for the game.  Which meant, I keep them in correct batting order and ready to go when it’s their turn to bat.  I also needed to make sure they had their gloves ready when it was time to head out to the field.

The best way for me to keep the girls in order was to find a baskets that the girls could place their belongings  in when not using them.  I had to find a basket that was big enough for the girl’s gloves, water bottles, batting gloves and even the helmet if needed.  Another key component was the basket had to fit under the bench in the dug out.

I was really lucky because I was able to find some black baskets at the 99 Cent Store. “Score” They were the perfect size for what I needed.

Labeling things is a key factor in keeping things organized. I added the labels of the girls names to the baskets.  I did a tutorial on the labels.  Click on the link to check it out!  DIY Self Laminated labels.

Laminated-Labels 10

On game days I take the baskets to the field and I place them under the bench in the batting order the coach has chosen.  Then, each girl sits on the bench where their baskets are located underneath.  This helps to keep the girls in the correct batting order and the girls always know where to place their belongings.

Being organized makes for a smooth running game.

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  1. Debbora Dean // February 26, 2014 at 9:37 pm // Reply

    Where were you my darling daughter, when I was Team Mom….Great Ideals…

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