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Spooky Outside Halloween Decorations

Halloween is one of my husband and my favorite holiday; we can’t wait for October to come around so we can start decorating.  Most of our scary decorations are outside because Jim likes to scare little ones as they come to the door.  He is what most little ones call a giant, due to the fact that he is 6′ 7″, so when he stands outside in costume the kids don’t think he is real.  So yes, we have live interactive decorations at our house.

Over the years we have collected quite a few scary creatures to hang or stand around the house.  We like to purchase a few Halloween creatures after Halloween when the prices are marked down.  We always make sure to grab a few bags of webbing too.

When decorating we always start by placing spider web webbing all over the place, in bushed, along the walls and strung from the house.

halloween 10

halloween 11

Next, we place our creatures, hanging from the house, trees, in the bushes and sitting on chairs.

Halloween 3

halloween 4

Halloween 6

halloween 5

A fun inexpensive way to add scary creatures is take you own clothes stuff them with newspaper and place them together; add gloves for hands, boots for feet and a cheap mask, or even a pumpkin for a head.  (At night when it’s dark it is very hard to tell whether fake or real.)

Halloween 2

halloween 8

We incorporate light up eyes, bats, rats, and spiders into the decorations too. Don’t forget to place pumpkins out too!

halloween 7

halloween 9

We also create a graveyard on our front yard with tomb stones and bones.

Halloween 1

Here is a picture of my Husband ready to scare the next round of kids that come by.

halloween 14

Here are few pictures of the house at night time.  We also add black lights and fog machines on Halloween night.

halloween 15

halloween 13

halloween 12

Having the house decorated for Halloween makes Halloween Night even more fun.  We enjoy being known as the house, you have to stop by on Halloween.  Neighborhood kids always bring their friends for a good scare.

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