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Spider, Ghost and Monster Halloween Brownies

For the last ten years my family has been attending an annual Halloween Party at our friend’s house.  Each Family who attends the party brings a side dish, appetizer and/or dessert. I always try to find something festive for the party.  This year I was assigned to bring a dessert.  I wasn’t sure what I should bring, so I grabbed one of the Halloween Magazine I had lying around and found Spooky Brownies. I thought they were so cute and had most the stuff at home to make Spider, Ghost and Monster Halloween Brownies so I went to work.

What you need:

  • Brownies (store bought or Home Made)
  • Marshmallows
  • Mini M&M’s
  • Fruit Roll-Ups
  • Frosting
  • Food Coloring
  • Gummy Worms
  • Wilson Candy Melts

The first thing I did was make some brownies.  I started with a box brownie mixed and added chocolate chips to make them extra chocolaty.  Then, I cut the brownies into squares just a little bigger than the marshmallow. I separated the brownies into three groups so I would have an even number of Ghost, Monsters, and Spiders. Once, I had the brownies ready I went to work on the chocolate marshmallow toppers.

I started with the Ghost Halloween Brownies, these seemed to be the easiest to make.  First, I melted the chocolate according to the direction on the Wilson Candy Melts bag.  Once, the chocolate was melted I placed a little dab on the top of the brownie and then dipped the marshmallow in the chocolate and placed it on top of the brownie. The way the chocolate flowed over the brownie, really made it look like a ghost.  After the chocolate dried I added eyes and a mouth out of purple gel frosting.

Halloween-brownies 3

The spiders take a little more prep.  I laid all the brownies out that I wanted to be spiders and added dap a frosting to the middle.  Then, I added three gummy worms to each brownie. Once, I had that ready, I made the chocolate and this time I added purple food coloring to the chocolate.  Then, I dipped the marshmallow in chocolate and laid it sideway on the gummy worms. After the chocolate dried I added mini M&M’s for eyes using a little frosting to make them stick.  Next, I use purple gel frosting to make a mouth and eyebrows.

Halloween-brownies 5

Ok, the Frankenstein Monster to the most prep.  The first thing you need to do is, unwrap a few fruit roll ups and I used a pizza roller to cut strip of the fruit roll up. Then, I cut then again so they were slightly bigger than the top of the brownies.  Next, I prepared the chocolate and dipped the marshmallows and added them to the brownies.  Once, the chocolate dried I added a few strips of the fruit roll ups to the top of the marshmallow, then added more fruit roll ups in the opposite direction. Next, I added mini M&M’s as the eyes and screws for his neck with frosting. I used gel frosting to make a mouth and the middle of the eye.

Halloween-brownies 4

Here is a picture of the finished batch of Spider, Ghost and Monster Halloween Brownies!

Halloween Brownies 1

These little brownies were such a hit at the Halloween Party!  You might like my Last Minute Halloween Brownies  too!


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Halloween-brownie collage 2



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