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Softball Washer Necklaces

With Softball season underway, I thought I would share with you, a Softball Washer Necklace that I made.  I decided to be Co-Team Mom for my daughter’s softball team and we decided to do our first team meeting at our house.  It is a great time for the girls to get acquainted and figure out if they know anyone on the team, while the parents go over the rules and guidelines of the team.  I figured it would be fun for the girls to do a short organized craft, I thought that Softball Washer Necklace would be fun.

What you will need:

  • Washers
  • Spray Painted
  • Paint Pens or Sharpies
  • Ribbon

To start, I had my husband pick up washers from Home Depot for me, he grabbed Crown Bolt flat cut washer zinc 5/8″ Rondana Cinc 5lbs.  There is a large varied of washers you can chose from, so personal preference will help you, with which size you make yours.  If you look closely at the picture you will notice the 1st washer has a curved edge while the 2nd washer has a flat edge, I decided to paint on the curved side.

washers front and back

Spray paint the washers yellow.

painted washers

Use paint pen and or sharpies to create your design.


To create the softball look, I drew two red curved lines on the washer. Then, I added little arrow like dashes to create the seams of the softball.  For a personal touch, I added Team Mom to the washer. Once, the washer was dry I cut a piece of ribbon and tied it to the washers.

Softball Necklace

The girls had so much fun creating their Softball Washer Necklace.  Each girl personalized their necklaces with; names, nicknames, and/or softball jersey numbers.  A few of the girls decided just to add flower and other designs too.


Here are few other ideas for your softball team that you might have missed:

Curling Ribbon and Duct Tape Pom-Poms: Make Pom-Poms for the whole team to cheer with.

Sports Baskets: Keep the players organized with their own personal baskets.

Sportsmanship Gift of Opposing Team: Give the opposing team a gift after the game!

DIY Personalized Team Sports Pennants: Make each player their own personalized Pennant.


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