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Snowflake Table Decorations

I am so excited to share with you again, the 3 demensional snowflake we made and how we used them.  There are so many options for these fun 3 dementional snowflakes. If you need a step by step, click the link and I will show you how to make 3 Demensional Snowflakes!  My daughters best friends are sisters and they were having a Frozen Party, so we created table decorations and hang 3 demensional snowfakes for the party.  These 3 Demensional Snowflakes, will make great decorations at Christmas time too!


Here is what you will need:

  • 3 Demensional Snowflakes
  • Empty can
  • White paper
  • Ribbon
  • Snowflake Embellishments
  • Glue gun
  • Rocks
  • Cotton
  • Wooden Rod
  • Foam Block
  • Rocks or sand

The first thing we did was hot glue the snowflakes to the rods.

3d-Snowflakes 14

Then, we prepared our cans.  We cut and glued white paper to the outside of the cans, added ribbons around the top and bottom of the cans and glued snowfalkes on the center of the the cans.  We created the snowflakes for the can by punching snowflakes out with a snowflake paperwhole punch by Martha Stewart and spray painted them with a glitter blast paint by Krylon paint.  Next, hot glue a piece of the stryrofoam block into the can.

Snowflake-centerpieces 1

Then, we places  the snowflakes we glued rods to, into the styrofaom.  Add rocks or sand to the inside of the can, this will help give the cans weight so the display will not fall over. Now, hot glued cotton to the top of the rocks and rim of the can creating a snow like look.

Snowflake-centerpieces 3

The finished centerpieces!

Snowflake-centerpieces 2

The centerpieces were such a big hit at the party, one of the guest attending took them home to use for another party!

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Snowflake-centerpieces 5


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