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Simply but Sweet Baby Boy Shower

I attend a baby shower this weekend for a cousin of mine who is soon to be expecting a little Boy.  Her Aunt throw her a Baby Shower that was Simple and Sweet, a great reflection of the mommy to be. They used a blue and white theme with animal print and had some great special touches. The great thing about this baby shower is that you can get most of the supplies at your local party stores.


As you walked into the house you were greeted by an Old Fashion Buggy, filled with some stuffed animals that belonged to the parents to be!

Simple-baby-boy-shower 8

Then, you looked up and a clothes line was strung across the staircase with will baby clothes for the future little man.

Simple-baby-boy-shower 7

They also had flowers place around the house that they put together themselves.  They add ribbon that had cute sayings for Baby Boys written on them.

Simple-Baby-boy-shower 9

Little baby bottles were set all around the house filled with light blue M&M that were used as décor but doubled as shower gifts.

Simple-baby-boy-shower 6

The tables were covered in animal print table clothes and sprinkled with fun confetti.

Simple-baby-boy-shower 1

Lunch and cake was served on coordinating plates as the decor.

Simple-baby-boy-shower 5

Another special touch was delivered by one of the Aunties to be.  Heather from Have a Ball Catering made some delicious and beautiful cookies.  She is truly an amazing baker and artist.  Check out more of her work at or

Simple-baby-boy-shower 4

Here is a close up of just a few of the cookies!

Simple-baby-boy-shower 2

The shower was so simple and sweet.  We can wait to meet the little man.  Thomas ? Hicks!

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