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Simons Mall Breast Cancer Awareness Event

I had the chance to attend a fabulous Look Book Live event “Make a Date with Style” at the Shops at Mission Viejo for breast cancer awareness and the new fashion trends last Saturday with a fellow blogger friend who happens to be my best friend and a couple of our other best friends. The really cool thing about this event is that it is very near and dear to my heart, I have a history of breast cancer in my family, my mom is a 10 year breast cancer survivor. Woohoo!!! So excited that they caught her cancer early and she was able to fight this horrible beast.  One thing we did learn while she was being treated is that she is a carrier of the BRCA Gene, which poses the threat that for our family, we could possibly have a long history of cancer in our future.  I have three brother and myself that now need to take the test.  Good new is, that if we do not carry the gene, it we can not pass it on to our children. If we do have the BRAC gene we will have to worry about passing it to our children and the cycle will continue. Living through cancer with my mother, I know first hand that, cancer can really take a toll on the person, physically and mentally.

I just love that the Shops at Mission Viejo teamed up with Glamour, GQ magazines, Mission Viejo Cancer Center to make a few women feel like beauty queens and have a day of pampering that I am sure is well deserved.  What could be better, than to throw a fashion show into the loop for the lucky ladies to be on stage for a full fashion makeover that included  hair, make-up, clothes and shoes, that The Shops at Mission Viejo donated not only their time with stylus and hair stylus, but the clothes they wore to these very special cancer survivors.


We had a special VIP Press badges that allowed us to enter the welcome center with refreshment and full access to all the booths, including style stations from participating store in the mall.  Each booth offered a fun interactive tablets that allowed you to create outfits and styles that you could later take to the store, the store could then pull up on their store computers your outfits and have the clothes ready for you to purchase.  Your own personal shopper!


A few of the booths offered hair styling and make up.


Here is a fun photo that a photographer capture of my friend and I trying to take a selfie.

simon mall group picture

This Look Book Live event held fashion shows and interactive stage games for the audience the entire length of the event. They also had a place to sponsor a plaque for a wall that will be going up at the Mission Viejo Cancer Center in honor of cancer patients. I think I can go one and one about this event, it was an honor to be a part of.







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