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Shopkin Themed Party

Do you throw a party every year for your children or love ones?  I love love love throwing birthday parties but, I do not throw a big one every year.  I try to stick with the plan in my head of; a big 1st birthday then 3, 5, 7, 10, 13, 16 and 18 years old.  Wow, now that that is written out, it still looks like a lot of parties!  This year my daughter turned 6, so we hosted little party at the house with a 6 girls!  She is very simple and a little reserved so having only 6 girls works well with her personality. She couldn’t even decide on a theme so she asked for blue cupcakes and blue plate.  I went to the 99 cent store to grab some blue plates and found these cute Shopkin plates and napkins and our themes began… a Shopkin Themed Party!! When I got home her little eyes sparkled with excitement and the smile was from ear to ear.

Once, we had the theme, the planning began.  We started by making cupcake toppers. We simply went on the computer under goggle images and printed out some of my daughters favorite Shopkins.  I did size the images to 1/2″ square. Next, I cut a card stock to glue to the back of the images.   My daughter requested for them to look like gems so we cut squares and trimmed the corners.   Once, we had the pictures and backing hot glued together we used hot glue to adhere a toothpick and the cupcake toppers were created!!!!

After finishing the cake toppers we realized we had too many images printed out so we decided to cut them up and sprinkle them around the table as confetti.  We also used several of the girls large Shopkins as decorations.  Here is a picture of the place setting.

We hung Shopkin decorations from the ceiling fans to give a little height in our decorating.

I added a few pinwheels and one of the hanging decorations to a wood skewer and placed them in bottle on the table.  Very inexpensive centerpieces!!!

This Shopkin Themed Party was simple to create and very inexpensive!!  You might want to check out a few of the other parties I hosted for my girls.

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  1. This party idea is so cute! My little one is a little too young for shopkin, but I see them all around in the toy isles. I think you definitely nailed it. They look great!

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