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Seed Planting

My family has been talking about planting a garden for a year now; we finally got around to doing it!!  YEA!!!! We didn’t actually know where to begin, so we are trying several different ways to see what works best.  I will be sharing our gardening adventure with you in for next several days.  I think the girls enjoyed Seed Planting the best!  The girls have even been saving seeds from the food they eat in hope to watch them grow. I guess I will have to figure this procedure next.

We started out by letting the girls each choose a vegetable packet that they wanted at the local store. I also bought Fertil pot, which are biodegradable pots making easy to plant when the time is right.


The girls used the soil from our garden box that my husband was making to fill the Fertil Pots.  He had already added newly purchased organic garden soil to our soil in the yard to create a good mixture for planting.


My oldest daughter labeled the cups, with what seed the girls were adding to the pot.  My youngest daughters enjoyed making the holes to place the seeds.  A joint effort by all and they learned team work while planting!


Once the girls finished planting all the seeds, they added some water and set them aside to start the growing process!



My girls are so excited and can’t wait for the seeds to start showing. I have warned them, the veggies don’t grow over night! It is definitely fun to see the excitement, teaching the girls to grow their own food and spending quality time with the family. Watching the girls brought me back to my childhood gardening with my parents, such great memories! I cannot wait to pick fresh veggies and fruit with the girls and bring them to the kitchen table at dinner time.


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