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Seashell and Burlap Bottles

Have you been to Michael’s Craft Stores lately?  I feel like, every time I walk into one, they are selling items at a killer deal.  The 80% + 20% discount on items is making me purchase items that I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t have bought otherwise.   When I walked into Michael’s on this trip, I walked out with these fun bottles for $.49.  I was there looking for things to use for my daughters Under the Sea Party, I knew I could figure something out, Seashell & Burlap Bottles for the girls to drink out of, Perfect!


Here is what we created.

First, we wash and cleaned the bottles with dish soap and water.

burlap-bottles 5

Then, I had my daughter help we cut burlap to go around the bottles.  We measures one, by wrapping the burlap around the bottle and cutting the burlap where is started to overlap. We then cut the burlap for the other bottles by using the first measured piece as a temple.

  burlap-bottles 1 burlap-bottles 2

Next, we used hot glue to glue the burlap to the bottles.  We used ribbon to give the burlap a finished look and as decoration.

Burlap-bottles 3

As we decorated the bottles with shells, pearls and gem stones, the girls thought each one should be different.  It was fun to watch them as they designed the bottles.

burlap-bottles 4

If you look closely you can see that the girls created bows, bow-ties, and flowers on a few of them.  They difinitely let their creativity lose on these.  The bottle will be great for a summer party or a casual get together with friends, and of’Corse at the Under the Sea Party for my Daughter.

Here is the finished product!

Burlap-bottles 6

I thought you might enjoy a picture of how we used them at the Little Mermaid Under the Sea Party! Each girl had a bottle at their table setting and they truly loved them. Stop back by to see all the other fun party decorations we made!

Burlap-bottles 15

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