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Recycled Snowman

After the Holidays are over, do you ever have stuff left over that are too good to throw away but too big and bulky to store. This year I ran into that problem with the girls plastic trick or treat pumpkins.  After all I do have 4 children now.  The pumpkins were too big to fit into the Halloween bin.  So they sat on the counter for a few weeks now when I told my youngest daughter Becca I think I’m just going to put them in the recycle bin.  She got teary eyed and said “No, Mom we have to turn them into a craft!”  Well, that got me thinking and I asked her what if we make SNOWMEN out of them.  Becca smiled and said, “Let’s do it now Mom.”  She is so cute.

What you need:

  • 2 Plastic pumpkin
  • Snow
  • 2 Small bucket
  • White Spray Paint
  • Hot glue gun
  • Scissor
  • Black Paint
  • Black card stock
  • Black Felt
  • Button
  • Scarf


First, we spray painted the pumpkins white. You could see a light hint of coloring under the snow if we didn’t paint the pumpkins.

Snowman-pumpkin 1-1

Pumpkin-snowman 1-2

Snowman-pumpkin 3-1

Now, cut the snow to fit around the pumpkin and set aside until you’re ready to glue it to the pumpkins.

Pumpkin-snowman 5-1

  Snowman-pumpkins 6-1

Then, added hot glue to the inside rim of the pumpkin.

 Pumpkin-Snowman 9-1

Pumpkin-Snowman 10-1

Now, wrap the pumpkins in the snow pressing firmly against the hot glue.  (Be careful may be hot) They should resemble snowballs now. Repeat, for the amount of snowballs you want to create. We wrapped a second layer of snow on the bottom snowball to create a bigger snowball.  We used a small bucket to make the head.

Snowman-pumpkin 7-1

Snowman-Pumpkin 8-1

Snowman-Pumpkin 9-1

Next, we hot glued the snowman together by putting a ring of hot glue around the top of the snowball.

Snowman-pumpkin 11-1

The next thing we did was make a hat for one of our snowmen from a bucket that the girls had.  First, we painted the bucket black.  Then, we added a ring around the hat using construction paper. I also added a strip of red felt around the hat for added color.

Pumpkin-Snowman 12-1

Snowman 13-1

Snowman 12-1

Snowman 11-1

I looked for a carrot to add as a nose but could not find one, so I used a snow cone cup, cut off the end and wrapped it in orange felt to create carrot like nose.

Snowman 14-1

Snowman 15-1

Snowman 16-1

Snowman 17-1

The finished Snowmen!

Snowman 10-2

Who would have thought that a Halloween bucket would make such a cute Christmas decoration?  Let your creativity flow and the skies are the limit.

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  1. Awesome idea! Only you can think of it, I wouldn’t even thought of it. Great job Señora!

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