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Recycled Hello Kitty Gift Wrapping

My girls were invited to a Hello Kitty birthday party and they wanted to wrap the gift in Hello Kitty wrapping paper.  I didn’t have any Hello Kitty wrapping paper so I decided that I would just make it.  We had just made a trip to Costco so we had boxes lying around, so I thought, lets make the box into a bag.


What you will need:

* A box

* Ribbon

* Scissors

* Wrapping paper or paper

* A hole punch

* Tape

* Print out of Hello Kitty pictures.

* Card Stock

* Pom pom balls



First, you will need to cut the flaps off the box.

pics for blog 003 1

pics for blog 006 (580x387) 1

Then, wrap the box as if you are going to wrap a present. On the open end of the box tuck the paper inside the box and tape it down.

pics for blog 007 (580x387) 1

Next, punch holes on two sides off the box.

pics for blog 010 (580x387) 1

Then, string your ribbon through the box. Once, the ribbon is through, tie a knot in the ribbon on the outside of the box.  Repeat on the other side of the box.

pics for blog 016 (387x580) 1

I downloaded an image from goggle picture and printed it. Then, I cut out the image of Hello Kitty for my bag. (You can choose any image to go with the party theme you are attending.) Sometimes, when you enlarge a picture the pixels are off, so I used a marker to trace the lines to make it look sharper.   I also took the card stock and cut a triangle to use as a hat.

pics for blog 004 1

pics for blog 008 (580x387) 1

Next, glue the pom pom ball to the top of the triangle to make a party hat for Hello Kitty. Then, glue the hat and the Hello Kitty Image to the box. Your box is now ready for the gift.

pics for blog 011 (580x387) 1

Now, put your gift in, be sure to add some tissue paper and you are ready to take your gift to the party!

pics for blog 017 (580x387) 1

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  1. Super cute idea Jenny!;)

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