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Rapunzel Birthday Party

Months before my god daughter turned 4, all she wanted to watch was Rapunzel, all her toys were Rapunzel, she pretty much wanted to be Rapunzel so when it came time for her Birthday it was a given we had to throw her a Rapunzel Birthday Party. I’m sure most of the parents out there can contest to how little ones can get so wrapped up in a character.  I know at one point or another each of my girls had a character or two of choice.

The best part of helping throw this great Rapunzel Birthday Party was I once again got to work with my best friend over at, she actually made quite a few of the props I am about to share with you.

Lets start off with the Invitation:

DIY Rapunzel Invitations with Yarn Hair, a complete how to make invitation that will have your guest in awe.



The birthday girl wanted a Rapunzel Tower at the party so; I thought about making a life size tower but ran out of time so I made a small one for the food table.

Rapunzel towers

The birthday girl name starts with a “T” so Dinah made a Rapunzel Braided Hair Monogram, so cute and clever!  The birthday girl loves it and it’s now hanging in her room!

Briaded Yarn Wall Art

Yellow plastic table clothes were strung and wrapped around things, just like Rapunzel’s hair did in the movie.  Flowers and ribbons were also woven and twisted in the plastic table cloth hair.

Rapunzal table cloth hair

Pennants were hung in various placed with symbol of the sun just as it was in the movie.

Repunzel Pennant

Floral garland were used to wrap around umbrellas in the middle of the tables and also as table runner with a few lose flowers of different kinds.  The birthday girl also had the Disney’s stuffed Rapunzel dolls and other characters that we added to the tables for more decoration.

Rapunzel's centerpiece


Hung towards the back of the table was a Menu, letting the guest know what was being offered to eat.  Clever names were used to describe each menu item that went along with the movies theme, Paint Pallet PIZZA, Mother Gothel GUACAMOLE, Tangled TORTILLA CHIPS, Pascal PRETZELS, and Frying Pan FRUIT…all the food items are favorites of the Birthday Girl!

Rapunzel's food menu

We served the fruit in cast iron pans, just like the one Rapunzel uses in the movie for protection!


Here is a picture of the food table!

Rapunzel's Food Table

Party Favors:

We sent the girls home with DIY Rapunzel Braids as their party favor. Before the party started we placed the braids on the back of the kid’s chairs for decorations. Once, the kids arrived they were quickly taken off and placed in their hair!


Interested in more information on the above projects just click the link below!

DIY Rapunzel Invitations with Yarn Hair

DIY Rapunzel Tower

Rapunzel Braided Hair Monogram

DIY Rapunzel Braid Party Favors

For even more Rapunzel Party Ideas stop by DIY Inspired, Rapunzel Birthday Party Ideas.


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