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Radio Flyer 4th of July Wagon

Fourth of July has to be one of my favorite holidays, each year my family gathers at our annual spot and starts the day off with a parade of wagons, bikes, strollers, or scooters.  Each year my husband and I paint or touch up the old wagons that we used to pull our girls around in the parade.   I wanted to start off by sharing the Radio Flyer 4th of July Wagon.

I have to admit that the pictures I’m using are from last year when I touched up the wagon; I wasn’t blogging yet, when we 1st created this masterpiece! (hehehe)

We started out with the basic Radio Flyer Wagon; no wooden rails just simply the wagon.  My husband used 1″ x 3″ x 10″ that he cut in half to make the railing to the wagon.  He sanded the edges of the wood to give a finished look.  Then, he used a wooden circle that we found in the shelving department.  My husband liked the rounded edges of the circle to create the seat backs for the wagon.  So he measures the width of the wagon and cut the circle so the seat back would rest on the wagon.  He then bolted the seat back to the wagon. You can get a better look at this on my second photograph.

Once, my husband finished the railing and seat back, I painted the wagon Red, White and Blue.


I used a wooden template that I found at Michael’s to draw stars on the blue painted seat back.  Once, I figured out the placement of the stars I hand painted them white.  My husband then used bolts and nuts to attach the seat back to the wagon.  We had to drill holes in the wagon to attach the seat.


Once, the seat was attached, we added the rails to the seat back with screws.  I added felt cutout stars that I purchased in the Holiday 4th of July sections at Michael’s.


I also used the felt stars on the wheels of the wagon.


Here are a few pictures of the finished 4th of July Radio Flyer Wagon.

4th of july Radio flyer wagon 4th of July wagon

My girls cannot wait every year when it is time to parade around out local firework show in their wagons.  Each year the families attending try to outdo the others and the wagons get bigger and better each year.  The oohs and ahhs of the community when we parade by are so electrifying.  So if you have an old wagon hang around your yard don’t throw it away, add some paint and a few embellishments and use it for a parade or simply as decor for your yard.

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Radion Flyer inspired 4th of July Wagon


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