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Quick DIY Photo Back Drop!

Do you ever have a vision and when you execute it, it just doesn’t work??? My brother ran into that when he throw a party for his wife.  The plan was to hang a table cloth from the patio cover and let it hang down for guess to take pictures against with photo booth props.  Our first problem, it was not long enough. Our second problem, the wind picked up and the table cloth kept blowing in up.  I jumped into action and asked him if he has PVC pipe or anything like it.  He came up with a shower curtain rod.  I also asked for pins straight pins, but he only had safety pins.  So as you can see, you can use multiple things in a pinch to create this back drop.

Once, we had the safety pin I placed the rod at the end of the table cloth and folded it over and placed safety pins down the length of the shower rod.  Then, we added crafting wire to the rod so we should easily hang the table cloth. There were nails already in the patio cover, so we hung the back drop from them.

  Black-White-&-Diamond-Party 3 Black-White-&-Diamond-Party 4

With the rod in the back drop it made it possible to lower the back drop to our desired height.  We also added a rod to the bottom on the table cloth with the same method we added the rod to the top, this added weight to the bottom so it did not blow in the wind.  If you need to, you would also be able to tack it to the ground easily.

Here is a picture of the hanging back drop!

Black-White-&-Diamond-Party 2

If you liked the Quick Back Drop you might also enjoy the props I made below.  Click the link and see how they are made, DIY Photo Booth Props, DIY Photo Booth Signs, DIY Masks.

Black-White-&-Diamond-Party 6

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