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Quick DIY Birthday Banner!

My Husband’s birthday was the other day and we were heading on a 4 day vacation with some friends so I need a few easy decorations that would pack easily in the suitcase and not take up a lot of room.  I talked to my girls and they wanted to make a Birthday Banner for their Daddy.  I thought a banner would be perfect and some balloons wouldn’t take up to much room in the suitcase.


Here is what we used:

  • Paper cutter
  • Scissors
  • Paper/ Card Stock
  • Ribbon
  • Lettering…We used the Cricket
  • Hole punch
  • Glue..glue sticks work great

birthday-banner 1

The first thing we did was use the Cricut, which is a  great machine for cutting out  letters and great for cutting out intricate things, my daughters love using it!

Birthday-banner 2

Then, we cut paper square in two different sizes.  We made the smaller square about 1/4 inch smaller than the larger square.

Next, we glued the smaller square to the larger square and glue the letter in the middle of the squares. We also used a hole punch to add two holes about 1 inch apart.

Birthday-banner 3

Now, tread your ribbon through the holes connecting all the squares you just created.

Birthday-banner 4 Birthday-Banner 5

You now have a finished Birthday Banner!  We placed the banner over the slider door to the patio of our Villa and added a few balloons to create a fun party decoration.

Birthday-banner 6

The banner was extremely easy to make!  All you need to do is figure out a color scheme, choose a color or a few from it and you will have easy quick party decorations.  Our color scheme came from these napkins we used while serving the cake.

Birthday-banner 7

Happy Birthday BayBay.. I love you more than words can express!!



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