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Puzzle Organization Idea

Ready for a quick and easy Puzzle Organization Idea!!! The last few rainy days has given me ample opportunities to clean out the entire closet, get organized, and get a head start on my spring cleaning. My daughter opened the closet door to where our puzzles and coloring supplies are and I was horrified with what I saw.  I wish I had taken a picture of what looked like a tornado had rushed throw but I just started pulling everything out!  I had about thirty some puzzles, yes, this might be excessive, but all four of my kiddos love them, so we have all different skill levels.

Here is what you will need to organize about 30 of those puzzles in one small bin.

  • Zip lock bags (sandwich and gallon size)
  • Container or Bin
  • Exacto Knife
  • Paper
  • Scissors
  • Glue Sticks

The first thing we did, was put all the puzzles together, a very time consuming task, but it kept my girls busy for about two hours and we weeded out all the puzzles that had missing parts and throw them away.

Then, I used an Exacto knife to cut out a picture of the puzzle from the puzzle box.  There are usually several different sizes on the box of the completed puzzles to choose from, I always pick the biggest one that will fit in the bag.

puzzle storage ideas

Once, the image is cut out, choose which size bag is best to place the puzzles in.  Most of our puzzles were the small puzzles so a sandwich size bag worked great!

puzzle storage plastic bags

Here is an example, of the difference in sizes, of puzzles in boxes verses puzzles in bags.

Puzzle organization tips

Now, here you see proof of the amount of space you can save, about 4 puzzles might fit in the same place as 20 plus bagged puzzles in one bin.

puzzle storage

We didn’t stop with the organizing the puzzles, we created a fun label by tracing one of the puzzles pieces, cutting it out and gluing it to the bin.

puzzle label

puzzle label ideas

Our finished Puzzle Organization Idea, extremely simple but very efficient for saving space and keeping puzzles organized.

Puzzle Organization Ideas

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Puzzles Organization Idea

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