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Pom-Pom Creatures

The girls and I were looking for something to do, so we decided, that we would make some pom poms. This turned into hours of fun.  Once, we had about a dozen of them made, Tiffany decided she wanted to add faces to the pom poms.  I thought it would be fun so I grabbed some googly eyes, felt, card stock and whatever I thought we could use.  Tiffany is so creative, it was fun to watch her turn these little pom pom into fun creatures with names and transportation too.


First, we wrapped the yarn around the fork about 35 to 40 times.  The more yarn you wrap around the fork the fuller the pom pom.

Pompom-creatures 1 Pom-pom-creatures 2 Pom-pom-creatures 3

Once, finished wrapping the yarn cut a piece to tie around the yarn on the fork.

Pom-pom-creatures 4

Then, weave the strand of yarn throw the fork as shown below!

Pom-pom-creatures 5

Next, tie the strand of yarn. Do not tie a knot in the strand of yarn yet.

pom-pom-creatures 6

Now, wiggle the yarn off the fork.

pom-pom-creatures 7

Next, pull the strand of yarn you tied around the yarn as tight as possible. Cut the strings that are longer then the yarn ball to the same length as the yarn ball.

Pom-pom-creatures 8

Now, start cutting all the loops that you have created in the yarn.

Pom-pom-creatures 9

Once, all the loops are cut you will have a little pom-pom. Roll the pom-pom in the ball of your hand to help fluff the pom pom.

Pom-pom-creatures 10

You will have a few out of place piece of yarn, you can trim them.

pom-pom-creatures 11

You might even want to give it a little hair cut to make the pom pom look even all the way around.

Pom-pom-creatures 12

This is where Tiffany turned the pom-poms into little Creatures.   She cut little hearts out of felt to add to the pom-poms as feet.

  Pom-pom-creatures 13

Tiffany glued big googly eyes on the pom poms.

Pom-pom-creatures 14

Here you have it, meet Devilish, Big Fluffy and Puffy. Tiffany’s fun googly eyes pom pom creatures!

Pom-pom-creatures 15

Tiffany even made a little skate board for her creatures to get around on.

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