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Planting a Garden

I have to start off by saying that I am not an avid gardener; this is a first time adventure for my family and me as an adult.  We will be learning to garden by trial and error. I have read a few sites and called fellow gardens but the advice is so different from everyone and there are so many factors involved, such as region, daily climate, to even the soil in your yard.  I am tired already, just thinking of all of this, So Trial and Error it will be! Planting a Garden is going to be a fun activity for my family, to learn to work together, show the girls responsible by watering, learning to grow our own food and reaping the benefits of food from our own garden!  We will not be using chemical so natural organic food is a benefit too!

We start of our experience by heading to the store to get organic soil, veggie and fruit for our garden.  We decide to purchase seedling, this gives us a head start in the growing process.  We did buy seeds too; stop by Seed Planting to see how we planted these!


We searched the yard for all the areas we could plant a garden. Plants can vary from the amount of sun they need full shade to full sun light, this is a key to successful gardening, so I’ve read!  (Chuckle)


We decided that we want to add some organic soil to our existing soil, so we built a planter box, where we added the new organic soil we purchased with the turned up soil from our yard. I don’t know why but I thought my husband had a great ideas instead of using a knife just use the end of the shovel to open your soil bag!! I must be a beginner gardener!


Then, he just pulled the bag from underneath the soil and started mixing in the organic soil with our existing soil.


We placed the plants in the planter box on top of the soil when measuring the width between each plant.  Make sure to read the labels on the plants for the proper spacing.


The girls helped with digging holes just deep enough to place the various plants in then and packing the dirt back around the plants.  Before you place the plants in the hole it is a good idea to loosen the roots on the bottom of each plant.  Brooklyn placed the name/instruction stake next to each plant we planted. Remember, we are beginner and would have no idea if we didn’t use the stakes.


It was time to give the garden a good watering.


Our finished garden!



We also planted some herbs and placed them in containers on our patio.


Gardening with the family is so much fun.  Now, we wait and see how our Garden Grows, all the while hoping we have a green thumb.

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