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Pinecone Races

When you have kids you never know what the day has to offer you.  I received a phone call at about 4:00 in the evening and it was my friend needing a sitter for her daughter, I always enjoy having the girl’s friends with us so, of course, I said yes! When you have four kids what is one more… Hahaha! Well, this turned into a sleepover, they are still young enough that bed times wasn’t too late…but the 6:00 am giggling was an early wake up.  I didn’t want them to wake everyone in the house, so I ran into the room and got them ready to go get donuts.  Yes, 6:30 run to the donut shop…I knew when they finished their donuts that the rest of my house hold wasn’t awake so we stopped by the park.  I apologize for the quality of the pictures I only had my cell phone with me. Remember it was early!

sept oct pic from photo 111 1

My oldest daughter Tiffany spotted some pinecones, she was so excited, this lead to a pinecone search.  The younger girls wanted to have pinecones like Tiffany. Then, after a good twenty minute pinecone hut, we decided it would be fun to have Pinecone Races.  So, the girls raced up to the top of a near by hill and the fun began.

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Each girl would get a pinecone. I would count to three and they would roll the pinecones down the hill.  This lasted for at least ten minutes maybe more, the girls didn’t want to stop but, I was tired of counting.  They even figured out that the heavier ones rolled fastest.  Pinecone races are simple, easy and fun.  I’m sure we will be doing pinecone races next time we are at the park.

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You never know what the day will bring, but you can always find something fun with a little creativity. Stop back by to see DIY Pinecone Flowers written and instructed by my six year old daughter Tiffany and a few other things we did with our collection of pinecones.


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