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Pinecone Flower Decorated Photo Frame

There we have it; Tiffany finally decided what to do with her pinecone flowers from her Painted Pinecone Flower post.   She went back and forth between making a wreath and adding them to it or putting them on a photo frame. The following article is written and designed by Tiffany Hostetler age 6.


I decided to put the pinecone flowers on a photo frame.

First, I placed them on to see the way I wanted them.

pinecone photo frame 1 1

Then, we hot glued the pinecones flowers where we put them.

pinecone photo frames 2 1

pinecone photo frame  3 1

Then, we added the picture!  

pinecone photo frame 4 1

Tiffany did such a great job.  We even had a little photo shot with the frame after we finished.  Here’s a few pictures.

Pinecone Photo Frame  7 1

Pinecone photo frame 6 1

We placed the finished frame on the shelf in our office with her school picture in it!

pinecone photo frame 5 1

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