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Picnic in the Park Themed Retirement Party

I have been to quite a few retirement parties this year; I have to say this Picnic in the Park Themed Retirement Party is one of my favorite. The detail on this party was amazing; from handmade repurposed ornaments into ants, handcrafted clay fruit, homemade cupcakes, Mason jar center pieces and much more.  I also enjoyed the fact that my family could come, run around, play games, and enjoy a day at the park.

This party had so many details, upon each table lay a burlap envelope with cards that had words of wisdom and quotes placed inside. They simply folded burlap in half and used a yellow thread to make a straight stitch around the edge of the burlap of three sides creating a pocket, a paper flower and silk flower were added for extra decoration.  Guest enjoyed reading the cards and they were great conversations starter!


When the guest arrived there was a table with a handcrafted guest book for the guest to leave a special message for the retiree.  There was a tile set upon the same table that the retirees daughter embellished with scrap-booking materials, the retiree’s name and a cute little saying.


Table for the guest were decorated with flowers in mason jars wrapped with burlap, ribbon and a tag that read “Happy Retirement”.


The mason jars were set upon red and white checkers squares fabric with another layer of white fabric. Smaller jars with flowers were also placed upon the fabric squares with the same fabric as a tie around the tops of the jars. So simple yet elegant!


Repurposed ornaments were used to make tiny ants that were set around the table.  Three ornaments were glued together with little wires for legs and antennas, then spray painted black. So cute and clever.


Oh my, where do I start with this cupcake stand.  A pole was used to place four circle tiers that were anchored with dowels drilled into the pole, they were then painted white and ribbon was added around the edges.  What a great idea and big enough to hold a large amount of cupcakes.


Around the cupcake stand marched a line of the ornaments repurposed into ants.  Several of the ants were carrying fruit made out of clay and painted to look like fruit.


The cup cakes were homemade with ants made out of candy whoopers and black frosting for legs on top.  They also were carrying watermelon candy that had been placed on toothpick.  What a clever idea.


The retiree loves to garden and be outdoors, so her work friends went together and bought her a amazing gift; a bench, gardening gloves, shoes, sun hat, sun glasses, tea to sit and relax, along with reading materials, a sign and more.


My family and I had a great time at the Picnic in the Park Themed Retirement Party and the party decorations were fantastic.

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