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DIY Photo Booth Props

Photo Booths seem to be all the rage lately.  I have to admit they are a lot of fun and a great element for the pictures you capture at your party.  My brother is throwing a party for my sister in law and I had the privilege to make the Photo Booth props.  I was going to cut props out of foam board, but I found a line at Micheal’s Craft Store that have photo booth props already cut and ready to design to your desire.  My days have been very busy lately so this was a total time savor.

Here are a few of the props that I picked out.

Photo-Booth 5

The party is Black and White with Diamonds theme, so I started off by painted all the wood cut-outs black.

Photo-Booth 6

Then, I added rhinestones in black and white to the girl glasses.

Photo-Booth 4

I also add a diamond gem to the top of this camera cut out as the flash.  I’m not sure why but I just fell in love with this camera.

Photo-Booth 2

I thought that this top hats with the bow-tie were perfect for the men.  Can’t you just picture the face of a man between these two props.  So Fun.

Photo-booth 1

Mustaches, another one of those extremely popular items as of late!  There were so many different shapes to purchase these mustaches in.  Who would of thought.

  Photo-Booth 3

Here are a few pictures of the Props on display ready for the guess to use in their photos.

Photo-Booth 7

Photo-Booth 8

Photo-Booth 13

I can’t wait to share a few more of the props I made for the Photo Booth and of course the party itself.  So don’t forget to stop back by.

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  1. Jenny, I’ve really enjoyed looking around your blog! Do you have a way for me to “subscribe” to get it automatically? Also, do you have more pictures of your photo-booth and other ways you decorated for the party! We are having a “Black Hat Ball” and I have some ideas but could use more! I am definitely going to set up a photo booth w/your prop ideas – please post more pictures!!! Thanks!

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