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Personalized Poker Chips

Poker Chips are a given when it comes to decorating for a poker party or casino night.  I used plastic poker chips with a personalized center to add flare to a few of the centerpieces I created.  Adding personalization to your decoration gives a great unique feel to any project.  The greatest part about this process is that it is super easy!!! You can also use this process to Personalize Poker Chips for a gift , for the poker parties guess of honor or for the chips that will be used at the tables by the guest at the party!


What you will need:

Personalized-poker-chips 1

I printed out the logo of our softball league to about 1/2 inch images, which fits in the center of the poker chips that I purchased.  Being that they are so small I was able to print several on the one page.

Personalized-poker-chips 2

Then, used 1/2 inch hole punch to get the perfect circles!

Personalized-poker-chips 3

Once, I had the images punched out I used a glue stick to glue them to the poker chips.

Personalized-poker-chips 4

Personalized-poker-chips 5

A few finished Personalized Poker Chips.

Personalized-poker-chips 15

Here is a picture of the poker chips in my centerpieces! If you like the Dice Centerpieces click the link and see how I made them. Casino Night Dice Centerpieces 

blog b 091

I would suggest that if you are going to make personalized poker chips for the guest at the  party to play with, I would use decoupage over the tops of them so the label will not come off.  Stop back by in the days to come to see how to make the other centerpieces.

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