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Personalized Duck Tape Pencil Boxes

Pencil boxes are a great way to keep our little ones organized! We put together my daughters pencil box for school and one for our home, when we finished, my daughter thought they needed to be personalized.  She is really into duck (duct) tape project, so she asked if she could use her Duck Tape to cover and personalize her pencil boxes. Of course, I said YES!



What you will need; Pencil box, Duck Duct Tape and an Exacto knife.

The pencil boxes that Tiffany chose had geometric shapes on them that were raised at different depths, which make it fun for her to use them and cut the duck tape out to fit them.  If the pencil box you have doesn’t have them you could always do stripes, checkers, shapes, or anything you can image. Just get creative!  We even cut out the owls from one or her Duck Tapes to place on a solid piece of Duck Tape she already placed on the pencil box. Tiffany mentioned, that her Teachers have always had them put their names on their pencil boxes, so we cut her name out of the Duck Tape and placed it on the PENCIL BOX.

pencil-box Collage 2

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pencil-boxes Collage 3



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