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Patriotic Painted Wagon

Changing the paint on somethings can update, upscale or make it your own. I recently, shared with you a Red Ryder Wagon make over that we just loved, but the following year we had twins so we needed a bigger wagon, which lead to our second wagon transformation of a new larger wagon into a Patriotic Painted Wagon. This new wagon was definitely big enough for two of our princesses if not three!

slatted wagon

We were lucky enough to acquire the wagon from friends of our and it was in pristine condition, so it was a little hard to paint but I have to say we loved the outcome.

We started off by removing the cushions, sides and hardware. bare-wagon

Then, I painted the base of the wagon blue.


Next, we worked on the slatted siding.  The slats were already red, so we just painted the middle of the three slats white.


Once, the blue base was dry, we glued some felt stars that we purchased at Michael’s Craft Store on the blue sides of the wagon.


When we finished painting everything we sprayed all the part with several coats of a clear lacquer, to help ensure it would last out in the sun and help with cleaning off all the dirty hand prints it will encounter. Then, we resembled the wagon.


Here is a picture of our finished Patriotic Painted Wagon.


Each year our family has a tradition where we have a parade with all our kiddos. We parade around our town’s firework gathering area.  There are several family members and friends that join in the fun, so my husband likes to add the flag to the back of the wagon, so that it stands out even more.

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