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Fun Easy to Make Paper Skateboards

My girls had so much fun making Pom Pom Creatures that they thought it would be fun to have something for them to ride on.  We searched through our craft supplies and came up with the idea to make little Paper Skateboards for them to hang out on.



When we collected the supplies we came up with:

First, you need to cut the card stock into the shape of a skateboard.

paper-skate-boards 1

Next, we placed two beads on the straw. Then slide the first bead down the straw far enough that you can place the paper skateboard you just cut out in between the beads.

paper-skate-boards 2 paper-skate-boards 3

Then, make sure the end bead is aligned up with the end of the straw and then cut the straw on the outside of the opposite bead.

paper-skate-boards 4

Next, we glued the bead to the straw.

paper-skate-boards 6

We then, added a little glue to the straw and placed the Paper Skateboard on the straw.

paper-skate-boards 5   

Our finished Paper Skateboard with their new owners.

paper-skate-boards 7

paper-skate-boards 8

The girls are having a blast with these little creatures.  If you would like to check out how to make one just click on the link, Pom Pom Creatures.

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