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Paper Boats Perfect Rainy Day Kids Project

Living in Orange County California, we don’t seem to get a lot of rain storms.  We have light rain here and there but the heavy rain seem to be few and far between.  We had our 1st storm of the year and the girls were going nuts, having to stay inside.  After the first big down pour I told the girls go ahead get your rain boots, jackets and umbrellas and head outside. Why not, water can’t hurt them, Right.  The girls were so excited about the water in gutters that I suggested they use leave and watch them float away.  This lead to heading inside to make Paper Boats to have Boat Races.

The first thing we did was get some paper, we used card stock because it’s a little thicker. The paper needs to be a rectangle so we had to cut a little off of our cards stock.

This is a picture of the girls trying to make there own Paper Boats before mom stepped into help.  So fun!

paper boats 001

First, fold the paper in half.

paper boats 002

Fold the corners in leaving about and inch on the bottom.

paper boats 003

Now, fold the inch strip on the bottom up and then flip over and fold the other side up.

paper boats 006

Then, open the paper up.  It should look like a hat now.

paper boats 007

Once, you opened it up to look like a hat, match the points together to make a diamond shape.  Then, fold the overlapping corners in.

paper boats 008

 Now, this was a little tricky, you have to fold the sides up and press down on the inside to form the boat.

paper boats 010

Here you have it the four little Paper Boats we folded.

paper boats 013

The girls decided the boats needed some decorations!  Dad thought they needed names.

  paper boats 029

The Boat Races were a huge Success!

Rainy Day Boat Races Collage

 The girls cheered and cheered as we placed the boat in the water multiple times.  In the end we named the Eliminator the overall winner of the Boat Races!

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