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Painting with Flower Petals

The girls and I were outside playing, on a fairly windy day, when we came in the house and I notice that there were different color spots on the tile floor. When I got a paper towel to wipe them up I realized that they were flower petals.  With the wind blowing we must have stepped on a few and brought them into the house.  This got me thinking; maybe I can do a craft with the girls and paint with the different flowers from the yard. So we headed outside and picked up as many flower petals we could find on the ground and even a few off of the bushes.  We picked up quite a collection.

Painting-with-flower-petals 1

Next, I had the girls dip the flower petals in water.  We tried all different types, we tried some that we had found on the ground that were dry and some fresh off of the bushes.

Painting-with-flower-petals 2

The girls came to the conclusion that they liked the darker red flowers the best and they often came out purple.  The sweet pea flowers gave a pretty blue purple color.

Painting-with-flower-petals 3

It seemed the deeper the color of the flower the better the color transferred to the paper. We also found if you crumbled the flowers between your fingers the pigment came out better before pressing on the paper. (WARNING: Your fingers will get stained!)

Painting-with-flower-petals 4

Tiffany was able to use a deep red flower to create the flower for her painting and an orange flower for the stem, which turned out almost brown.

Painting-with-flower-petals 5

Here is one of the pictures we created and the flower we used.  Tiffany also used green watercolors to make the stem.  We could not find a flower that would color green. (Now, that I think about it we should have used a piece of grass.  Oh well, next time! )

Painting-with-flower-petals 7

The girls had so much fun creating flower petal masterpieces.

Painting-with-flower-petals 8

Next time you need something fun to do, grab some flowers and a piece of paper and let your kid’s creativity run wild.

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